About Our Farm

 Meet The Farmers

We're Tye and Shelby Thompson, and we are the owners of Gold Nugget Farm. Along with our two daughters, we produce sustainable grass fed beef through regenerative land management practices.

In short, we are the next generation of farmers and ranchers!

Our commitment to animal welfare and regenerating abused and neglected soil has culminated into exceptionally tender and delicious beef.


How We Started


Gold Nugget Farm was born out of a desire to provide the beef that we love for all to enjoy!

We were dismayed by the marketing gimmicks that were being fabricated to convince the consumer they were getting one thing while in reality producing something entirely different.

Although we have been a part of the cattle industry for much of our lives we staked our claim on Gold Nugget Farm in 2017.

When we arrived to the farm it had been abandoned and neglected. The weeds and briars had taken over what was once acres of native Texas grasses. The fences were in disrepair and the beautiful 100 year old oak trees were dying. We believed in the power of regenerative grazing and a little (maybe a lot) of hard work and now Gold Nugget Farm is home to our cattle herd as well as a welcoming environment for the local wildlife including whitetail deer, turkey, quail, armadillo, and many more .

Our Belief

We believe in being good stewards of the land and animals God has put in our charge. We have come to realize when the land is thriving so are the cattle and in turn those that consume the nutrient dense protein they provide.


Our Method

About 150 years ago the plains of Texas were inhabited by the American Bison.

As we all know, they were unfortunately eradicated and this left a hole in the environment. 

At Gold Nugget Farm, we manage beef cattle in a manner that imitates the migration of the Bison that once called the plains of Texas home.

We accomplish this by a strategy called high density grazing. The cattle graze one small area of land and then we move them on. This practice allows native grasses as well as wildlife the ability to flourish.


Our Beef

We Mean What We Say

  • 100% Antibiotic, Steroid, and added Hormone free.
  • Grass fed Grass finished on native pastures. Our cattle do not sit in feed lots and eat hay. They are free to roam and thrive in their herd environment while benefitting from nutritious fresh grasses.
  • Our pasture is never treated with herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizer. Our soil is maintained 100% by hoof and hand.
  • Humane. Our cattle are handled with care and treated with kindness.
  • Transparency. We have nothing to hide. If you have a question, we will give a truthful answer.


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