Pink Slime!?

Hey There!
Do you remember those videos of McDonalds making Chicken Nuggets with "Pink Slime"?

McDonalds says they don't use pink slime anymore, but do you know who does? Your grocery store!

Now you might be wondering Just What is Pink Slime Anyway?

Pink Slime starts out as meat and fat trimmings that are heated up and separated in a centrifuge.

Because the trimmings are heated they have to be treated with Ammonia to kill the bacteria.

And then the meat portion goes through a process of liquification and cooling, and is then ground up and added in with fresh ground beef.

Now some people don't have a problem with pink slime...

In fact, the USDA secretary said "If it's pink it's meat" so it must be true...

My concern is that "Pink Slime" no longer has a label.

It was once known as "Lean finely textured beef", but the creator, Beef Products Inc. petitioned the government to have it reclassified as ground beef.

So here we are... again with little to no transparency.
I would love to hear your opinion on pink slime!

It it Okay? Okay, but needs to be labeled, or No Way!

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- Shelby

P.S. Here is a quick highlight of Audrey's first cattle drive on horseback! As you can probably tell we were wayyy in the back and didn't go fast enough to keep up with the cows, but we had so much fun working with our little cowgirl yesterday :)

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