Does Making Bone Broth Intimidate You? Try Our Super Simple Recipe

Hey There!

This past week we have been busy moving all of the heifers into their own pasture here by the farm house. This way they will have more time to mature before they take on their next role as mammas.

It's a fun time because it gives us a chance to look over everyone together and start planning the next generation of herd.

And speaking of the next generation it's just about time to pick out a heifer for our daughter, Eden! We will be looking for an extra special heifer to get her started off on the right foot.

In our email last week, I talked about why we ended up radically changing our diet and a couple of you asked if I would share recipes. SO...  I'm going to start off with a kitchen staple that can feel overwhelming when you first give it a go.

Bone Broth! There are a hundred different ways to make it, but if you are just starting out keep it simple and enjoy that extra flavor and added health benefits to countless meals including
  • Soup base
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Boil noodles in broth for extra flavor
  • Scrambled eggs with a splash of broth
  • You can also add it in while browning your ground beef so the possibilities are endless!
  • Drink it outright to help with tummy troubles and reduce joint pain

- Shelby


Simple and done is better than could be fancy any day!

Here's What You will need:

1 package of soup bones/marrow bones/ox tail
4 Whole carrots chopped up
1 Onion chopped up
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar


1. Roast your bones for about 20 min at 400 degrees

2. Add all ingredients to your crockpot and fill halfway full with water. Make sure those bones are covered!

3. Allow to cook on low around 24 hours (Check the water level periodically)

4. Allow to cool to a tolerable level for easy handling and then strain with a fine mesh strainer. (I double strain with a cheese cloth because I drink it outright sometimes. This isn't necessary though.)

5. Pour into Mason jars or other airtight containers and refrigerate for up to 4 days or freeze.

6. If you have meaty bits leftover add to a soup or use for sandwiches!


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