Clean Water, Clean Beef

Original Newsletter 12/8/2022

Hey There!

Here on the farm we get our drinking water from a well and we test it every year to make sure our family is getting clean water.

This year I decided to test all of the ponds our cattle drink out of too!

I already had the test strips so why not?

We don't use chemical applications at our farm and strive to keep our pastures just as they were created without the man-made "improvements".

We could go on about how much thought goes into keeping the forage our cattle are eating free of additives, but what about the water?

So, off we went on a farm tour to each watering hole to test for chemical contamination.

And I'm excited to say there wasn't any!

As far as we know, water contamination will be a battle from here on out. Whether it's runoff from conventional farms or chemical dumps from shady corporations we have a mess on our hands that affects each and every one of us.

For example, the PFAS contamination crisis that has been woefully spreading across U.S. waterways. (If you haven't heard about this check out 
The Devil We Know documentary on Youtube.)

We are just one farm on a mission to maintain the integrity of the land and resources in our charge. If you are looking for "clean protein" check out our Beef selection!


- Shelby