Can You Really Trust Meat Labels?

Original Newsletter 12/15/2022

Hey There,

Today I wanted to share a little behind the scenes info with you.

You don't have to be a farmer or rancher to see that we have BIG issues 
with our food supply chain. We all saw what happened just two short years ago and in some instances is ongoing still.

Did you know that very little of the beef at your local grocery store is grown in the U.S? (yes even if the product label says otherwise)

Let's take a quick step back and I will introduce you to the BIG 4 -

JBS, Cargill, Tyson, and Marfrig are four companies that process over 80% of the beef consumed in the U.S.

Why Does it Matter?

The Big 4 buy cheap meat from countries such as Brazil and Mexico and slap a product of the U.S.A sticker on it because it was processed in the U.S. 

The reason I listed these two countries specifically is they have both been found guilty of not reporting or delaying reporting Mad Cow Disease contamination in their products. Yikes! 

The Big 4 know that according to polls 87% of consumers what to know where their meat comes from so they stick a product of the USA sticker on it to appease the masses.

What Can We Do?

Avoid Them! Skirt around the Big 4 and find a transparent farm that meets your unique needs. 

If you are looking for beef that is grass-finished and raised regeneratively without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Hi! That's us -

You can read more about how we raise quality beef HERE.

- Shelby